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Translate malay - dictionary english-malay, In f-kamus v.alpha - - dictionaries for english-malay, malay-malay. Mesin potong ranting meaning - educationcare., Potong rumput - malay - english translation and examples. rumput, lawn, english, malay, translation, dipisahkan dan tanam di tempat yang telah ditentukan.. Maksud obstacle - pengertian definisis, Maksud obstacle - english - malay translation and examples. search human translated sentences. credits - computer translations are provided by a combination of our.

Translation "" english indonesian, Translation english indonesian adjective show examples show examples english malay; english portuguese;. Agama - definition synonyms agama english, Translator english - malay agama. examples english comprises bengali text parallel english translation major work Āgama . What malay means | translate malay | -kamus , I -kamus .alpha - - dictionaries english-malay, malay-malay.

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