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Mikrotik router basic configuration winbox (, Mikrotik is a popular packet routing device. most of the office and isp are now using mikrotik router. so, basic knowledge about mikrotik will be beneficial.. Site--site ipsec vpn mikrotik routers - vion, Some time ago i had a client that needed site-to-site ipsec vpn connection between 5 locations but ware not ready to pay for cisco routers.. Статья как настроить роутер mikrotik. Настройка mikrotik, Инструкция как настроить mikrotik. В статье описана простая настройка mikrotik и wi-fi точки доступа.

Manual:securing router - mikrotik wiki, The steps recommendation protect router. strongly suggest default firewall, patched rules fullfils . Mikrotik routers wireless - software, What' 6.43rc11 (2018--10 10:13): *) bridge - add interface list bridge ; *) console - fixed type "" "wireless. Mikrotik routers wireless - products: rb2011uias-rm, Mikrotik wireless systems, switches, ethernet routers, routerboard products, antennas accessories.