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Network devices configuration guide - packetfence, This guide covers the configuration of network devices in order to integrate them with packetfence in vlan enforcement. switches, wireless controllers and wireless. Switch dd-wrt openwrt 30 minutes, Switch to openwrt for better package management, a friendlier forum and a more relevant wiki!. Documentation 3. | artica proxy, See documentation for the 2.x versions. setup and installation download: download the iso file; download the esxi 6.x ova; download the esxi 5.x ova; setup.

Hotspot wifi - ubiquiti & mikrotik - 3tsolutions, Mikrotik hotspot wifi. mikrotik routeros include 'eccellente soluzione hotspot. il mikrotik router integra perfettamente le caratteristiche radius . Mikrotik ecmp load balancing link redundancy, Mikrotik ecmp load balancing link redundancy configuration explained article. hope, load balancing failover. Create free home wireless hotspot login page, It' easy create simple wifi hotspot home, easy creating login page internet access. show create .