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Epa announces final rule acid rain emission trading, Epa press release - march 5, 1993 on a final rule allocating acid rain emission allowances for use after the year 2000 for most power plants in the united states.. Acid rain: , effects solutions - livescience., Acid rain is any form of precipitation that contains acidic components, such as sulfuric or nitric acid. acid rain affects nearly everything: plants, soil, trees. Acid rain | science inventory | epa, Acid precipitation has become one of the major environmental problems of this decade. it is a challenge to scientists throughout the world. researchers from such.

Effects acid rain | acid rain | epa, Overview effects acid rain ecosystems, plant life, wildlife man- structures.. Acid rain students site: home - epa, Some features site require latest version macromedia flash player. download free copy macromedia flash player. Acid rain students site: acid rain?, Sources acid rain acid rain caused chemical reaction begins compounds sulfur dioxide nitrogen oxides released air..

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United States Environmental Protection Agency – New England Acid Rain Program (superficial) Acid Rain (more depth than ref. above) U.S. Geological Survey – What.

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The Acid Rain Program is a market-based initiative taken by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in an effort to reduce overall atmospheric levels of.

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Talk:Acid rain/Archive 1 EPA's page on acid rain effects. Is there a reason that there is such a big focus on the United States and Acid Rain?.