Where the Wild Things Are

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Max (max records) is a young boy who feels misunderstood and wants to have fun all the time. After making a scene in front of his mother’s boyfriend, He bites his mother and runs away. He keeps running through a forest until he stumbles upon a small boat, he gets inside and sets sail. After a few days on the sea, he arrives on a strange island at night. He leaves the boat on shore and walks to where he hears voices in the woods. Max eavesdrops on a few creatures arguing. One of them, Carol, is destroying the huts and screaming. The other wild things are yelling at him, telling him to stop, when Max runs out of the trees and joins in with Carol in destroying the huts. The wild things are angry about this and want to eat him, But Max tells them that he was the king from where he came from, and he has “special powers”, so the wild things can’t eat him. Carol then crowns him as the king of the wild things and the island, and claims that Max “Will be a truly great king”. Max’s first order of business is to “let the wild rumpus start!” so the wild things and Max dance and run around the forest destroying things. The wild things introduce themselves, Ira, Carol, Douglas, The bull, Judith, and Alexander. Carol shows Max his “Kingdom” and shows him his secret hideaway, where has built a miniature of the island. Carol says “There should be a place, where only the things you want to happen, happen”. Max thinks with effort from all the wild things, they can build a place like that. Over the course of the next few days, Max and the wild things build a large fortress. Tension grows between Max and the wild things when Judith starts to think Max isn’t a good king. They have a dirtball fight and many of the wild things get hurt. K.W and Carol argue and K.W takes Max to see her friends “Terry and Bob”, who turn out to be owls. They go back to the fortress and the wild things (minus Carol) greet them with open arms. Carol throws a fit and is angry that they are letting two outsiders into the group. KW runs away with Terry and Bob. Max and the wild things are sad, sitting in the rain. Judith demands to see Max’s “special powers” and wants KW to come back. The wild things discover Max isn’t a king and that he has no powers. Carol is angry with Max, telling him he didn’t keep everyone safe,and that he is an awful king. Max runs away with Carol pursuing him. KW hides max inside of her (she literally swallows him and hides him in her stomach) until Carol leaves. Max then decides its time to go home. Things seem to be better when he and the wild things all go to the beach, where Max’s boat is. Carol is in his secret hideaway crying, when he realizes he is being stupid and sees a heart with his initial that Max made for him, (like he made for Max on the fort earlier) he then runs to the beach. Max goes into his boat, is saying goodbye to the wild things and KW told him that she could eat him up because she loved him so much and then Carol finally runs in. Carol is unable to speak, and is crying so hard because now he realizes how much Max meant to him. Because Carol can’t speak he decides to howl, remembering that Max had taught him that not long after they first met, when Max reminded all of the wild things how to have fun and the other wild things howl, and Max howls back. Max goes back home and his mother greets him with open arms and feeds him.

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